giclee prints

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

My prints are created by directly scanning an original oil painting. This produces the depth of texture and brushwork. Printed on 100% acid free rag paper with archival inks ensures a non fading image.  To purchase, visit Etsy Shop which will link you to CLAIRE MARI STUDIO  featuring  paintings and prints inspired by coastal and nautical themes.  They will bring a bright spot of color to your home, cottage or beach retreat.

coastal life ring collection

Coastal New England towns and nautical themes   Image size is 9 x 9 centered on 12 x 12 heavy paper    $28


Features the natural beauty and iconic landmark buildings of the Ocean State. Lighthouses, beaches and bluffs, tidal estuaries, and Victorian architecture, portray the rich history and diversity of Rhode Island. Printed from my original tonal oil paintings on wood panels, they evoke an antique feel. $45

PASTORAL   Fields, trees and hidden paths        Image size is 7 x 9 centered on 8 x 10 heavy paper  $20

COASTAL   Views of bluffs, dunes and surf       Image size is 7 x 9 centered on 8 x 10 heavy paper   $20

COASTAL COTTAGES    Portraying a colorful bit of Block Island,,Martha's Vineyard, and Newport       Image size is 6 x 8 centered on 8 x 10 heavy paper   $20


the block island collection


the newport collection

SEASIDE COTTAGES   A series of charming coastal bungalows    Image size is 9 x 9 centered on 11x 14 heavy paper   $25

COCKTAIL CULTURE   Celebrating the colorful and classic cocktail      Image size is 7.5 x 10 centered on 9 x 12 paper   $25

Images are © by Claire Marschak. All rights reserved