Wearable Art • Color Burst Shirts

I taught several wearable art camps this summer at a wonderful place, the Warwick Museum of Art in Rhode Island. I had up to 12 campers so projects that were quick and easy were valued. I love this kid's activity because it uses simple materials, minimal set up, and the designs appear magically and spontaneously. Materials needed:

  • color Sharpie markers
  • white thin tee's - I used packs of boys undershirts
  • 3" low plastic cups (yogurt containers or snack cups)
  • rubber bands
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol (not 70%) 
  • medicine dropper
  • piece of cardboard or plastic to slide into shirt
  • good ventilation

put cups inside tee (we did 2 at a time) secure with rubber band • use 2 or 3 colors to create concentric rings of dots • spiral lines and flower shapes work also • make sure the marks are juicy with ink • use medicine dropper to disperse alcohol starting in the center and gradually outward • the ink will flow and bleed outward for sometime • remove rubber bands and cups making sure the board is in place to prevent leaking to other side • repeat and repeat and repeat!

we did the alcohol outside, it does get strong with 12 kids! air dry, then set in dryer

Voila! such unique designs, we also embellished with glitter paint